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  • INFIOM Generative AI, Metaverse and Web3 BOOST for Ventures


    We are in the middle of Generative AI and decentralized revolution that is affecting every industry, country and new venture launch. Generative AI, NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs concepts should be considered if you are launching a new venture or innovating your existing business. Web3 is a term used to describe the next generation of the Internet, which focuses on the ability for machines to interact with each other using decentralized technologies like blockchain. Web3 technologies are designed to enable people to have more control over their personal data and online interactions, and to create a more secure and decentralized internet. Some examples of web3 technologies include blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps). Blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi are fairly complicated concepts and achieving their implementation is massively complex. We help you convert your vision and strategy in this space into reality because overcoming decentralized obstacles is our specialty. With decades of combined experience with both early stage companies and developing new business strategies for Fortune 500 companies, we save you valuable time and convert ideas into conclusive decisions to strategically take your appropriate next steps.

    We work with both Fortune 500 and high growth ventures through integration of NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and other innovative concepts and technologies to refine their go-to-market strategies and create new business models to increase their success. We're focused on helping you launch products and services globally, and we'll learn from you what you need and help you create a positive shift in accordance with your goals. We created a global network of professionals and partners in the blockchain and other innovative technologies spaces through our work with top tier accelerators, blockchain centers, companies and corporate enterprise partners.


    Core components of INFIOM BOOST include:

    • Review and revision of Business models, plans and strategy
    • Revision of presentations, website content and messaging
    • Token models and jurisdiction review
    • DeFi, NFTs and consensus economy blockchain ventures development strategies
    • Global crowd aggregation and crowdsale strategies and partnerships
    • Global product and service distribution strategies through NFTs, DeFi and consensus blockchain networks
    • Business development strategies to increase sales and other revenue streams, including NFTs, DeFi and consensus blockchain revenue generating opportunities
    • Business development focused on multiple sources of revenue including NFTs, DeFi and consensus blockchain constructs
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Access to global investor networks
    • Access to global Fortune 500 and top tier blockchain and other disruptive technology companies for partnership and business development opportunities
    • Assistance with management team and Board selection

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    Support the adoption and growth of the global blockchain, ai, ar/vr and disruptive technology eco systems while providing access to capital and resources to untapped communities.


    The technology industry often loses sight of the available talent. We should live in a meritocracy and we're committed as part of our mission to seeking out and supporting entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, and community members who provide diversity and a new perspective to the future of technology.

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